First Ever ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Figures Coming From Funko
The love for Mad Max: Fury Road runs deep, and fans have celebrated the recent sequel with fantastic cosplay and art since the movie arrived in theaters two years ago. However, one way wastelanders haven't been able to show their appreciation is with displaying action figures or collectibles of the Fury Road's iconic characters in their homes. Until now, George Miller and Warner Bros. hadn't opted to offer the licensing rights to anyone. Somehow though, Funko was able to work its magic and will be the first company to bring Furiosa, the Doof Warrior, and Max Rockatanksy to life as toys.
All The Funko TV SDCC 2017 Exclusives, And Where to Find Them
The good thing about Funko having a hand in as many licenses as it does is that it gives properties that would otherwise be deemed too niche a chance to have some collectibles. As good as Westworld and Stranger Things are, there's just not a lot of market interest for a wide and diverse line of action figures or toys for those things. With its smaller, similarly styled collectibles however, Funko can dabble in just about every character in every property without much muss or fuss. It also means there can be some true deep cuts for San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.
All The Funko Star Wars and Disney SDCC 2017 Exclusives, And Where to Find Them
It wouldn't be a San Diego Comic-Con without a massive booth from Funko full of all sorts of exclusives. The vinyl figure company has its hands in just about every single license on the planet, but some have proven to be much more popular than others. Case in point, the wide variety of Disney characters that disappear from shelves faster than milk and bread in a blizzard. It also helps that now Disney can count everyone from Star Wars under its umbrella, giving Funko a tremendous one-two punch when combined with the more animated side of the Mouse House. That goes double when it comes to SDCC exclusive items.
All The Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth SDCC 2017 Exclusives
For the past few years, Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth have teamed up to offer a select number of Comic-Con exclusives to the public that couldn't make it to the show itself. This year, the two retailers are again teaming up for a series of varied toys and collectibles that would otherwise be unavailable to anyone outside of San Diego. Mixing things up with Hasbro, Funko, Playmates and more, this year's offerings bring a very diverse grouping that collectors will more than be happy to snap up from the comforts of their own homes.
All The Funko Marvel and DC SDCC 2017 Exclusives, And Where to Find Them
Since exploding onto the scene, Funko has been one of the most dominant exclusive providers at just about every convention this side of our solar system. San Diego Comic-Con is still a special beast though, and is home to something like 100 different exclusives from the vinyl figure company this year. Of course, Funko has a range of collectible items these days, and both Marvel and DC Comics have a great bit of exposure across all of Funko's various items at this year's event.