We don't take sides in the Hollyweird rumors that involve January Jones being notoriously icy to work with, or 'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner disliking the actress so much as to intentionally write Betty Draper Francis to be reviled by the masses.  Still, with one of 'Mad Men' season 5's offering one of the most divisive developments for the character, is it any wonder Jones isn't responding well to 'Fat Betty?'

Speaking in a recent round table (Get it?  ROUND table?  No?...) interview for women in dramatic roles, January Jones had some choice words for Matthew Weiner's decision to expand her 'Mad Men' character Betty Francis' role...so literally.  Hollywood.com reports that the actress said of her character's girth:

I thought I was watching Eddie Murphy in 'The Klumps' … I was like, 'My career is over...'

Jones added that when she first watched the episode she "went screaming into the other room."

Of course, "Fat Betty" wasn't intended to punish Jones or create any kind of gimmick, but rather allow the actress to plausibly shoot for the fifth season of 'Mad Men' while well into her real-life pregnancy.  "I started this season of Mad Men eight months pregnant," says Jones.  "And I finished it with a 5-month-old."  Jones only appears in four episodes of the current season, which wraps up on Sunday, June 10.

Still, Jones tried to make the best of her dig at "Fat Betty"s apparent absurdity, saying, "I thought it would be something fun, not realizing it was going to be a pain ... It was definitely difficult, but I love what [Matt Weiner] did with the character's story.  Everyone likes a challenge."

Love her or hate her, you can't fault January Jones for giving us the greatest thing to come out of 'Mad Men' since Christina Hendricks.  Tell us what you felt about Betty this season in the comments below!

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