Like any series finale, Mad Men had only so much room to wrap up its core storylines, without necessarily taking time to spotlight each and every unresolved plot point from the series. Those bemoaning Sal’s absence should feel a little better at least, as a new wishlist from Matthew Weiner reveals everything Mad Men‘s final season regrettably left out.

You’re warned of some minor Mad Men spoilers for all seven seasons from here on out, but a recent Writers’ Guild Q&A with series creator Matt Weiner yielded an organized wishlist of plot points Mad Men had at some point intended to revisit before the series finale. Bryan Batt’s long-awaited Sal return was indeed among them, but also more pressing points like Pete and Peggy’s baby, or even Dr. Faye:

Some of the crossed-off items refer to plot points Weiner did end up using, while others seem to have been combined, or shifted for other characters. For instance, a crossed out return of Jimmy and Bobbie Barrett implies that Bobbie was to have died off-screen, a fate that seems to have been grafted to Rachel Menken (Maggie Siff) for the 2015 opener. Some of the abandoned threads prove more cultural and timely, like a shift in public perception of advertising, or even the rise of a Wall Street angle.

Mad Men certainly ended well enough, in Don comporting one of the more iconic ads of all time, but does Weiner’s wishlist make the end a more bitter pill to swallow? What other plots should Mad Men have revisited before closing Sterling-Cooper McCann-Erickson’s doors?

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