Often a trip down pop culture memory lane, 'Mad Men' has been known to revisit some great moments in Americana. In last night's second episode of the new season, Don Draper and company reminded us that the hard-partying The Rolling Stones not only sang the praises of cocaine, but also Rice Krispies.

In an attempt to make Heinz the beans of choice with the younger set, Don and TV department head, Harry Crane attempted to get backstage at a Stones show to convince the British rockers to endorse the unfashionable legumes.

While the notion of arguably the greatest rock band of all time putting their sexy swagger behind a canned good known to induce flatulence might seem crazy, if there's anyone who could pull it off, it's Don Draper. Also on Sterling Cooper Draper Price's side is the fact that the Stones did a jingle for a Rice Krispies commercial, just three years prior, as Don points out in the episode.

Check out the catchy tune, penned by Brian Jones below. And just imagine what Don Draper could have done with The Rolling Stones and a can of beans...