As fans of 'Mad Men' well know, series creator Matthew Weiner has very little hesitation when it comes to keeping characters off the series when the story takes them away from Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. So while we're still waiting desperately to see the fate of Sal Romano, and hoping that Peggy still gets plenty of screentime next year, what recent addition to the cast may or may not be long for this world next season?

'Mad Men' season 5 may have ushered Peggy Olson out the door of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce, but Matthew Weiner assured us Peggy would still be a part of the series. Less certain, however, is the fate of the oft-debated Jessica Paré's Megan, whose sudden entrance into our lives loomed large in season 5, before Don seemingly found himself poised to reclaim his womanizing ways in the final moments of finale episode "The Phantom."

Could Don's misuse of his business connections to land his new wife a part in a commercial mean they've alienated each other enough for divorce? TVLine recently had a chance to catch up with series creator Matthew Weiner, who clarified (a bit) about the new Mrs. Draper and where their relationship might be headed:

He loves her, and he gave her what she wanted. I don’t know that the marriage is over. If you go back to the beginning of the season... and hear her talking about wanting to be an actress, you realize this is where it ended up, how driven she was. Not that she used him, but that he gave this to her. No matter what, we’re seeing that it was not the fantasy that he had about their relationship.

As always, Weiner plays things pretty close to the chest, and we'll have a better shot at figuring out the future of Don Draper when 'Mad Men' returns for a sixth season next year.

What say you? Would you like to see Don Draper a single man once more, or have you enjoyed Jessica Paré's role on the series? Tell us what you want to see for 'Mad Men' season 6 in the comments!