As the recent on-air promos and photos have proven once again 'Mad Men' maintains a notoriously tight-knit web over pre-premiere spoilers and promotional materials. Even so, a new 'Mad Men' season 5 recap has been created to prime us for the new season debuting on April 7, and a brand-spanking new season 6 poster! Get a sneak peek at the latest 'Mad Men' inside!

'Mad Men' season 6 might premiere in less than a month's time, though we'd be hard-pressed to tell given the ever-secretive promotional campaign. Thankfully, AMC and HuffPostTV have released a new 'Mad Men' video recap of the show's fifth season, which along with a new illustrated poster for the new episodes, provides plenty of insight into where the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce employees (and Peggy!) will head in season 6.

From the video below, it certainly seems as if the road is paved for Megan and Don to come to a crossroads, but we're most interested to see how Peggy is incorporated into the new season, and what the ever-slimy Pete does with himself now that he's obtained Don's old life.

Additionally, photos have been popping up of the 'Mad Men' season 6 key art, which features an illustrated Don Draper, drawn by legendary British artist Brian Sanders. The image features Don seemingly passing his old self (or his work self) on the street, in an image designed to evoke the classic look of Reader's Digest. Also worth noting is the hand black-suited Don is seen to be holding, which tellingly might not belong to Megan.

You can check out the recap below, as well as the 'Mad Men' season 6 poster likely to start cropping up all over town, and give us your predictions for the new season in the comments! Tell us if you'll tune in for the two-hour April 7 premiere!

Mad Men Season 6 Poster Recap

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