'Mad Men' will officially return for its sixth season on April 7, but any fan of the long-running AMC drama well knows that series creator Matthew Weiner keeps almost any spoilers or footage under a tight lockdown, even during the season. And while the biggest spoilers to come out of the 'Mad Men' season 6 premiere announcement and accompanying photos was Pete Campbell's sideburns, what does the first official teaser trailer for the season reveal?

'Mad Men' season 6 is nearly upon us, and as per usual, Matthew Weiner is playing things pretty close to the chest (we would too, shooting Christina Hendricks every day). AMC has released the first official promo for the season, premiering Sunday, April 7 with a two-hour episode, though the promo hasn't shown much that we've already seen.

As if we hadn't known already, the promo teases 'Mad Men' season 6 as a classy affair, showing a few manipulations of the black and white party photos we saw in January. At the very least, earlier this year series creator Matthew Weiner also divulged all manner of new details regarding Don Draper’s upcoming journey, and we'd previously observed a few spoilers from a Hawaii shoot.

You can check out the first 'Mad Men' season 6 teaser trailer below, and tell us what you want to see from the two-hour April 7 premiere in the comments!

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