We've all had a bit of fun these past few weeks with the various 'Mad Men' mystery threads, from ominous portents of Megan Draper's death to the espionage-style guessing games of Bob Benson's true identity. But to cool those conspiracy theories, showrunner Matthew Weiner has weighed in, and cryptically points out all may not be as it seems.

Two hours worth of screen time remain for any of the Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) theories to come to fruition (which, given the running theme of various home invasions all season, isn't that hard to believe), but 'Mad Men' creator and spoiler suppressant Matthew Weiner spoke to TVGuide to debunk at least two of the recent internet theories. Specifically, Megan's connection to Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski's film adaptation of 'Rosemary's Baby,' the original novel of which Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) had been observed reading:

It's just a coincidence. 'Rosemary's Baby' was a best seller, and I've wanted Megan in a real T-shirt [from the era] for a couple of seasons. We're not yet in 1969, so [no Manson] this season. He's not in New York. There's a lot of death on this show, and sometimes the audience mistakes symbolism. I hope the audience finds our finale intriguing and emotional.

Notice how Weiner carefully chose his words to indicate that Megan wouldn't stand in for the real Sharon Tate, but said nothing of Megan's actual fate within the show, or the apparent foreshadowing of the season to date. Just sayin'.

Of course, Megan has been something of a passive mystery during the sixth season of 'Mad Men,' while the enigmatic Bob Benson (James Wolk) perplexed viewers all year with his unending kindness and apparent skill for subversion. Explanations have run the gamut from Benson being an undercover agent to Peggy and Pete's time-traveling child, but the most recent episode, "Favors," seemingly outed Bob's unique interest in Pete. Even so, Weiner clouded the explanation for this in a featurette exploring the episode, giving Bob's reveal a context more than just sexuality:

I don't know that Bob is necessarily gay, but I think he is infatuated with Pete and wants to be Pete and I don't think Pete is horrified or shocked, but he's now in a situation in business where someone has really infiltrated his life.

What I wanted to say was there's this pure expression of love, and who doesn't need love, and Bob is offering that to Pete, and Pete is so needy at this point, so alone, but I think we get a sense of catastrophic results of expressing your real feelings.

That's 'Mad Men' for you, always clear-cut. We've two more episodes remaining in the season, but what say you? Are you still holding on to any of the internet speculation between Megan Draper or Bob Benson? Where do you think the final two episodes of the year will take us? Preview the next episodes below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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