Though 'Mad Men' fans have frequently read into ominous clues to predict future deaths and events on the series, perhaps none gained so much prominence as the Megan Draper-Sharon Tate comparison that predicts a grisly death for Jessica Pare's character by season's end. Now, the originators of the theory have gone a step further with the prediction, and season 6 may just become 'The Sixth Sense' if they're right.

It was Uproxx's Dustin Rowles who spearheaded the original theory from a Reddit post, observing Megan Draper's wardrobe in the final minutes of "The Better Half." So, fittingly, Dustin again applied his skills to this past Sunday's "A Tale of Two Cities," making some interesting, if less-cohesive parallels.

This time around, the pervading theory puts Megan Draper as having already been murdered, thus present in Don's California hashish vision alongside Private Dinkins, which was thereafter revealed to be a hallucination as Don drowned in a pool. The same theory posits that Don's vision wasn't of the party itself, but rather a glimpse into the afterlife Megan had already (or would soon) enter, tying back to one of Don's lines from the season 6 premiere.

Despite the fact that Megan appeared to be present in scenes from next Sunday's "Favors," Uproxx presents some surprising evidence to the contrary, depending where you wish to depart this crazy train. For our part, we're still intrigued to see if the original Megan Draper murder theory pans out, but for the meantime, resign content to watch the 'Mad Men' characters react to the 'Game of Thrones' Red Wedding. Enjoy, and leave your take on the 'Mad Men' madness in the comments.

And 'Game of Thrones' SPOILERS, duh.

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