The quirky group of zoo animals are back once again as DreamWorks Animation presents not only a new trailer but a colorful new poster for 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.' 

The third installment of the popular animated franchise is directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath with a large voice cast that includes Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Frances McDormand, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Chastain, Martin Short and many others.

In the hair-raising new movie, we follow Alex (Stiller), Marty (Rock), Gloria (Pinkett Smith) and Melman (Schwimmer) who are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple. Their journey takes them through Europe where they find the perfect cover: a traveling circus, which they reinvent - Madagascar style.

DreamWorks Animation is hoping to strike gold once again with the third movie, especially since the first two films have made an accumulated $1,136 million in the worldwide box office. The first movie was released in 2005 and ever since then audiences' love for these zoo animals have not diminished. Not only are the movies funny but they're easily accessible for children and adults to watch.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' when it's released in theaters on June 8th in 2D and 3D. Watch the new trailer below and let us know what you think.

'Madagascar 3' Poster
DreamWorks Animation

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