Like clockwork, EA trotted out another new iteration of Madden NFL at E3 this week. However, this time around we got our first look at the next generation version of the annual football franchise.

The anniversary edition Madden NFL 25 is bringing a revamped running game into the fold, but it won't just be limited to running backs. Every offensive player will get to use the True Step Locomotion engine, as well as Player Sense, which should make the game play much more true-to-life. Or they could just be fancy buzzwords Tiburon created to make additional physics and computer intelligence sound more impressive.

While the footage above does look rather impressive visually, the first wave of sports titles on new consoles typically doesn't turn out as strong as the developer had hoped. We're looking at you Madden NFL 2006. Until Tiburon allows people to actually play Madden NFL 25, we won't know what we're in store for, even if we have high hopes for the latest incarnation of the long-running franchise.