It might not sound like a new or important feature, but this year's version of Madden NFL will finally allow users to share custom playbooks, rosters, and gameplay sliders right from the in-game menu. Trust us when we say this is a huge addition for the hardcore players.

In the latest Playbook video for Madden NFL 25, we're given a look at just how Madden Share will work. All you have to do is simply upload your customized options, and anyone will be able to download them from the Share section of the menu. No more will you have to scour online forums trying to find the perfect gameplay sliders. You'll even be able to track which are the most downloaded to ensure you're getting the best available.

Now, as great as that portion of Madden Share is, we're a little less enthusiastic about custom playbooks being shared online, and allowed in connected careers this year. The Madden elite always search for ways to exploit the game's AI, which in and of itself is fine. It's a video game, not real life. We get it. However, allowing players to put every single possible exploitable play into one playbook is a little crazy. Then by allowing the sharing of these playbooks, the worst (read: most annoying) plays in the game become accessible to everyone. It has the potential to make the game far less enjoyable to play on a game-to-game basis.

Check out the video above, and give us your thoughts on whether you think Madden Share is a great idea, or could make an already competitive online landscape less appealing.