Maggie Grace - one time island resident on 'Lost' and possible escapee of space jail in 'Lockout' - has joined the ninth season of 'Californication' for a nine-episode arc that could lead to a spin-off show. She would be playing a Catholic school girl who became a groupie and forms a bond with David Duchovny's character.

Our prurient side wonders if this means that Grace will - as many stars have - engage in the nudity that has made the show famous. Of course that's the sort of information that doesn't come in press releases, but we're only human for wondering. Deadline only talks about the possibility of a spin-off, which is part of her option, and likely part of the reason why she took the job. This is the show we wrote about a while back that's currently called 'Faith.'

Grace had been working before 'Lost,' but that raised her profile a great deal, as did her role in 'Taken.' She's got a role in 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' in the can, and she will return in 'Taken 2,' though it is unknown if she will be kidnapped yet again.  It looks like she's been working, but hasn't launched herself as a movie star, so a regular TV gig is the next best thing.

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