Well, what was Showtime going to do once viewers got tired of seeing David Duchovny sleeping with young women?  Switch to Gillian Anderson?  It's all fun and games of course, but now it seems that Hank Moody might not be the last we see of the world of 'Californication.'  So what's next?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the next (and likely final) season of Showtime's David Duchovny sex drama 'Californication' will introduce a new major character, aimed toward the purpose of developing into her own spin-off after the series.  Writer and executive producer Tom Kapinos will introduce us to a young groupie named "Faith," set to play a major nine-episode role, in the 2013 return of 'Californication.'

Says the character's description, Faith is “what happens when an innocent young Catholic school girl is exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it.” Faith has been on the road with different bands for years, thought of as a muse by many elite artists. However, in spite of such a decadent lifestyle, full of sex, drugs, and rock and role, the character remains quite religious.

The role has yet to be cast, and even then the spin-off would not be a guarantee.  "Faith" represents a rather common method of testing the water for spin-off characters these days similar to the way FOX introduced 'The Finder' through episodes of 'Bones,' or how 'NCIS' created characters for 'NCIS: Los Angeles.'  Either way, it's a lot more organic that whatever's going to be growing on 'Schrute Farms' next year.

What say you?  Should the coming (no pun intended) season of 'Californication' be its last, and spun off into 'Faith," or is the whole universe better put to rest?  Give us your take on this, and Hank Moody's most recent season in the comments below!

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