The first trailer for 'Won't Back Down' proves it takes a village -- and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Viola Davis -- to raise a child. Or a school of disadvantaged youths, anyway.

The trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, features Gyllenhaal as a mother asking for the help of a fellow mother and teacher (Davis) for help to create a charter program for the disenfranchised youth at their local school. The pair face bureaucratic obstacles and strife on their quest to enrich the lives of the children in this film "based on actual events."

That whole "based on actual events" tag is incredibly baiting, along with that Kelly Clarkson female empowerment jam used in the trailer.

Davis earned an Academy Award nomination for her work in last year's 'The Help' -- a story about racism in Mississippi during the Civil Rights movement. Gyllenhaal also has a nomination under her belt for her role in 2010's 'Crazy Heart.' Both women seem to be bringing their A-game to an otherwise generic looking film about community struggles and transforming down-trodden, ill-fated kids. It sort of looks like the baby version of 'Dangerous Minds,' only (maybe) without gang violence, or is that a gunshot sound we hear in the trailer?

Regardless, 'Won't Back Down' (not a sequel to 'Never Back Down,' sadly) looks like a safe bet to earn some brownie points if your mom's been itching to hit the theater.