Well, if you're looking to update the mafia presence in the second season of Starz mob drama 'Magic City,' why not go straight to the source, right? 'The Godfather's' own James Caan has been tapped to star in the second season of Starz' Jefferey Dean Morgan period drama, alongside a few new notable actors for the 2013 premiere. But will Caan return to his mobster ways or be a force for good this time around?

Starz' period Miami mobster series 'Magic City' isn't joking around in season 2, set to debut in 2013, casting 'Las Vegas' and 'The Godfather' vet James Caan for an important role in its sophomore year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Caan will play Sy Berman, a Chicago mob boss and superior to Danny Huston's character Ben Diamond, who also has a connection to Ben's wife, Lily (Jessica Marais). Fittingly, Caan's casting marks a 'Godfather' reunion for Caan with co-star Alex Rocco ('The Godfather's' Moe Greene).

Also joining the cast are 'Caprica' and 'NYPD Blue' vet Esai Morales as Carlos Ruiz, a former loyalist to Fidel Castro now working to free Cuba from the man he formerly called family, and 'The Green Hornet's' Jamie Harris. Harris will play Nicky Grillo, a tough, cocaine-addicted mob man with an ill temper.

'Magic City' will return next year, but what say you? Do you think the series is ripe for more mafia madness with another 'Godfather' star in tow? Will you tune in for the second season of Starz' acclaimed drama?