With an opening weekend of $39 million and a total worldwide total of over $154 million, Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike' ended up being one of this summer's most unexpected hits. (Even more so when considering its reported $7 million budget.) As is the case with any hit, a sequel is a no-brainer, and of course said sequel must raise the stakes and take our characters somewhere new and - in the case of a comedy - preferably wacky. You know what that means for Magic Mike and friends: road trip!!!

Channing Tatum, currently shooting the Roland Emmerich thriller 'White House Down,' dished an interesting piece of 'Magic Mike 2' info to inquisitive German site Film Starts. While the translation is rough, the gist is this: The principals want to make the film, but Steven Soderbergh is still intent on retiring. Possible directing options for the sequel are Gregory Jacobs (Soderbergh's longtime Assistant Director) or even a combination of Tatum himself and his producing/writing partner Reid Carolin. As those two were instrumental in bringing 'Magic Mike' to the big screen (it was inspired by Tatum's early life, after all), this isn't as far-fetched as it might initially seem.

Meanwhile, Carolin (who is producing 'White House Down' as well) dished to the site that the follow-up will be a road trip movie, while mentioning that it's going to be a "broad comedy." How many broads actually end up being featured remains to be seen. (Thank you, thank  you.)

If it indeed happens, do you think Channing Tatum will have the right stuff as director?