Maleficent wasn’t Disney’s first live-action reimagining in recent years, but thanks to its huge box office success, the film spawned a new directive at the studio, which has a whole roster of live-action updates on its classic properties in the works. And now the film that’s mostly responsible for Disney’s latest trend is getting its very own sequel.

Deadline reports that Maleficent screenwriter Linda Woolverton is penning the sequel to the live-action film, which told the story of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the classic fairy tale’s villain. Angelina Jolie portrayed the titular character in the film, which painted her in a more empathetic light.

Woolverton, who also wrote screenplays for The Lion King and Tim Burton’s live-action Alice in Wonderland, is the only talent officially returning so far. According to the report, Jolie is being kept “in the loop,” but her involvement largely depends on the quality of the screenplay.

The sequel is still in very early stages, and Disney hasn’t officially begun eyeing directors just yet. Maleficent was directed by Robert Stromberg, an Oscar-winning production designer who made his directorial debut on the project, which told the tragic story of the Sleeping Beauty villain and how she came to be so dark and sinister.