'Mama' was a huge hit for Universal Pictures (over $50 million so far) and you know what that means for a horror film: 'Mama 2.' But while studio executives are surely working on a way to spin 'Mama' into the next big horror franchise, there's one person who doesn't think there should be a 'Mama 2' - the director.

Made for a reported $15 million, 'Mama' has already tripled its budget, a sure sign that a franchise is on the way. While there's been no formal announcement on a 'Mama 2' we'd have to think it's been seriously discussed (after all, Universal is releasing 'Kick-Ass 2' this summer after the original grossed only $48 million on a $30 million budget). But just because Universal could make money with a 'Mama 2' doesn't necessarily mean they should. After all, the film wrapped itself up quite nicely at the end of the first film.

We spoke to 'Mama' director Andy Muschietti after the film opened in theaters and talked to him about the success of his directorial debut and the temptation to work on a 'Mama 2.' Says Muschietti on whether he would want to return for the sequel: "I don't think I would." He explains:

We sort of wore out the subject matter...I never thought this could continue. Sequels are always tricky. I know how studios think but I don't see 'Mama' as something you can exploit because you're screwing with the original. I'm really hoping to jump into some other movies right now.

Muschietti says he's developing three other projects - two horror films and one sci-fi comedy - and plans to shoot one of those films next. Normally a first-time filmmaker on a horror project might not have much say on whether a studio exploits his film but what is working for Muschiettis a one Guillermo del Toro. The 'Mama' producer has some considerable clout in Hollywood and Universal would like to continue their relationship. He might have the muscle to shut down any 'Mama 2' talk. (Another obstacle could be getting Jessica Chastain, who was nominated for two Oscars since she was cast in 'Mama,' to return for a sequel.)

What do you think? Would you like to see a 'Mama 2?' Maybe a 'Mama' prequel? Or should leave well-enough alone?

Right now I'm developing two horror movies and a sci-fi comedy

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