With 'Man of Steel' only a month away (and the the juggernaut release of 'Iron Man 3' in the rearview mirror), the marketing for Zack Snyder's new Superman movie is officially in full swing. A new TV spot for the highly anticipated film has arrived and it shows off a ton of big moments that the previous trailers have been hiding.

Early trailers for 'Man of Steel' showcased the film's quieter moments, asking existential questions of its superhero protagonist and focusing on Clark Kent's quest to find a place in his adopted world. But this new TV spot? This one's all about the explosions and the mayhem and the giant spaceship. The last time we got a Superman film, the world's greatest superhero had to contend with a real estate scheme. Snooooze. This time around, he gets to contend with what looks like a full-scale invasion by nefarious Kryptonians (led by Michael Shannon's Zod, of course).

What else is there to say, really (other than we also get to see Zod's eye blast in action)? 'Man of Steel' looks like a huge movie and, more importantly, it looks friggin' classy. While Marvel Studios' movies have adopted a scrappy, fun and slightly ragtag tone for their films, Warner Bros. seems to be taking the DC universe in the exact opposite direction. 'Man of Steel' has prestige written all over it.

'Man of Steel' hits theaters on June 14. What do you think of the new footage?