Though the film doesn’t open in theaters until later this summer, Margot Robbie’s look as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad already seems destined to become a fan favorite. Harley Quinn was always a favorite among cosplayers, but the new look with the rainbow dipped hair, colorful makeup and punk attire has inspired a new wave of fans (whereas the jury is still out on Jared Leto’s look as The Joker). But, it almost wasn’t that way. Robbie says they tried “many variations” of the costume, including the classic court jester costume from Batman: The Animated Series.

Robbie talked to Hello Giggles, who asked the actor point blank if she still would’ve signed on to star in Suicide Squad if they had made her dress up in the red and white full-body costume from the cartoon. Robbie confirms that not only would she, but that she actually wore the court jester costume during testing for the film.

Oh, we tried on every variation of the costume. I cannot emphasis enough how many outfits, and how many variations of the Harley Quinn costume we tried. We tried the court jester costume, we tried the corset and skirt, we tried leather pants, we tried literally every type of costume possible for her. I really love where we ended up. And who knows, maybe in the sequels we’ll go with the court jester one. I think there’s a world of possibilities.

While that’s a potentially exciting tease about Harley wearing that costume in Suicide Squad 2 (or Suicide Squad 3 even), that would probably be a mistake. She’s already got a pretty iconic look that’s all hers; trying to make it too much like previously existing versions seems to go against what people seem to be connecting to in Suicide Squad.

Later, Robbie was asked, “So, if there are more Suicide Squad movies, obviously you’d be the first one to sign up for it?” to which she replied, “Absolutely”, emphasis hers.

While obviously the star of an upcoming superhero movie is going to say nice and positive things about, but Robbie seems genuinely excited about the movie (“I am dying to see it. When people are like ‘I can’t wait to see it.’ I’m like ‘You’ve got no idea, I want to see it more than you do!’”) and it’s good to know that when Suicide Squad 2 rolls around, she’ll be back. The better question at this point might be, how long until there’s a Harley Quinn movie?

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5.

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