You may know what you'd do (ooo-ooh) for a Klondike bar. But what would you do for a pair of bloomers once worn by Marilyn Monroe? For one auction-goer, the answer was easy: write a check for almost $45,000.

In the Hollywood Legends event held last weekend at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, Monroe's personal makeup artist put the undies, which the iconic star wore in the 1954 flick 'River of No Return,' on the block.

And one bidder -- who, for good reasons, probably doesn't want his name out there -- ponied up $44,800 to take them home, which seems like an awful lot for something that would never make the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog.

We're not sure what he plans to do with them, but to help us sleep tonight, we'll just assume they're going into a glass display case.

The bloomers may have been the strangest Monroe memorabilia in the auction, but if they were too creepy for you, there was plenty more to buy. Someone else paid $32,500 for the blonde bombshell's junior high school diploma, and all told, Monroe's photos, personal letters and clothing brought in a grand total of $400,000.

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