Sometimes the math is simple. Put an award winning actress (here, Marion Cotilard, best known for her work in Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight Rises', and Oscar winner for 'La Vie En Rose') in a movie about triumph and love in the face of great physical and emotional hurdles, and it's very likely that you're looking at an awards contender. It's possible to watch the trailer for 'Rust and Bone' and see a serious, interesting movie. We see that, but we also see the frontrunner for best foreign film.

The film played at Cannes this year, and is now hitting the festival circuit. Unless it is viciously panned, expect to see a platform release later this year. Sony Pictures Classics has it, and they know how to sell this to the Academy. Here's the synopsis:

It all begins in the North of France. Ali suddenly finds himself with a five-year-old child on his hands. Sam is his son, but he hardly knows him. Homeless, penniless and friendless, Ali takes refuge with his sister in Antibes where things improve immediately. She puts them up in her garage and takes the child under her wing. Ali first runs into Stephanie during a night club brawl. He is poor, she is beautiful and self-assured. She trains killer whales at Marineland. When a performance ends in tragedy, a call in the night again brings them together.

And here's the trailer: