Halloween is very nearly upon us, and there’s hardly any film more appropriate for the season than Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming Allied. Though it may be set for a release on November 23, the suspenseful account of intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt), who’s forced to investigate rumors that his beloved wife Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) may be a Nazi spy, fully embodies the spirit of the ‘ween season. In her layers of deceptions and intrigue, Marianne wears a mask not unlike the rubbery monster-faces children don for trick-or-treating every year. That’s a valid connection, right? Yeah? Timely lede!

Anywho, a new poster and TV spot surfaced today to stir up some more buzz for the well-pedigreed picture due next month. Below, take a look at the brief 15-second clip, which lays out the main plot points of the twisty premise and manages to work in a supremely creepy line-read from Cotillard as well:

Keep on scrolling for a look at the official poster as well, a simple shot of Cotillard and Pitt leaning in for a kiss with the desaturated colors mimicking an old-photograph look, befitting the period setting. In fact, the vagueness of the poster — there’s no Nazi paraphernalia, no war imagery, nothing to elucidate the premise except for the equally vague tagline — is kind of brilliant. A passersby looks at the poster and only sees a handsomely-photographed new movie with two pretty and well-known actors getting romantic, and oh look, it’s from the Forrest Gump guy! Two tickets to A-Lister Prestige Romance, please!