Over the summer, Matthew McConaughey starred in some very strange Lincoln car commercials helmed by ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives’ director Nicolas Winding Refn. The commercials were so prominent (and so odd) that Jim Carrey memorably starred in satirical versions of them on ‘SNL,’ pulling off a rather impressive McConaughey impression. And if those previous commercials weren’t enough for you, McConaughey and Refn are at it again, with two more ads for Lincoln.

The first commercial, above, features McConaughey staring off into the distance, like a confident dad eyeing his shot on the golf course or a model for men’s cologne in an issue of GQ. McConaughey tries to reconcile his environmentalist views with the owning of a car—apparently you can feel pretty OK about what you’re doing to the environment as long as you’re driving a sleek Lincoln MKZ hybrid. Oh yes, this is definitely not your grandma’s Town Car. “It’s not about huggin’ trees,” McConaughey says, but it kind of is, you know, in that badass, ruggedly handsome, I-probably-smell-like-pine-needles-and-the-beach McConaughey way.

The second ad, posted below not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of the environment, features McConaughey sipping coffee alone in the corner of a cafe, and staring out of a window into the rainy evening—like a woman waiting for her husband to return home from the Revolutionary War. The rain stops and McConaughey smiles to himself as if he made it stop just by willing it, and then he knowingly taps his glass of water—so we can probably assume that McConaughey is indeed a warlock from the fifth dimension, as I’ve always secretly known.

All jokes aside, a round of applause for Lincoln and Nicolas Winding Refn for making the most curiously unnerving and cinematic car commercials ever.

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