Back in March, Dylan O’Brien was severely injured on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the third installment in the YA franchise. At the time, 20h Century Fox and director Wes Ball seemed optimistic that production would resume by early May, but according to a new report, O’Brien’s injuries are more serious than previously thought, as filming has been indefinitely delayed while the actor recovers.

You can’t really make a movie without your leading man, especially when he’s the face of an entire film franchise. If O’Brien is down, then so is the film, and according to THR, production has now been completely shut down while the actor — who also stars on MTV’s Teen Wolf — recovers. As initially reported, O’Brien was hit by another vehicle while filming an action sequence, suffering “concussion, facial fracture and lacerations.”

The entire cast and crew have been sent home, and a new production date has yet to be set, as it’s unclear how long it will take for O’Brien to sufficiently recuperate. Further complicating the matter is the uncertainty that the full cast and crew can be reassembled, particularly if the delay extends for months instead of weeks. By then, many of the actors and crew members will have moved on to other projects.

It’s become highly unlikely that The Death Cure will be ready for its intended February 17, 2017 release date — if it hits theaters at all. Though O’Brien will recover, production on the sequel might not.

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