Mel Gibson appeared on the Tonight Show to talk about his new film 'Get the Gringo' with Jay Leno. What followed was a mixture of your standard movie star promotional chatter and something deeply, horribly uncomfortable.

The second half of Gibson's chat with Jay Leno is exactly what you'd expect from a segment on a late night talk show. He jokes about being a father, discusses cooking, shares an anecdote about soliciting directing advice from Clint Eastwood and shows a clip from 'Get the Gringo,' which is heading straight to on-demand in the United States. The first half of the interview (you can watch the whole thing below) is just plain unnerving.

Leno questions Gibson about his recent problems, namely his public clashing with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, whose "leaked" memo described Gibson as being a cartoonishly psychopathic monster. Gibson tries to keep things light (he even jokes about his temper), but you can see the rage right behind his eyes. It all culminates in Gibson praising 'Braveheart' screenwriter Randall Wallace (his praise also doubling as condemnation of Eszterhas) before declaring "We're making a Viking movie!" in the tone of a crazy person.

In other words, it's a must-watch.