Sometimes, the jokes really just write themselves -- at least, when the jokes center on a punchy fake title, like a "Meryl-Go-Round." You already know what it is -- it's a Meryl Streep-themed merry-go-round -- and you probably already want to know how you can ride it.

With trivia, you guys! Through pure Meryl Streep trivia. Leave it to 'Billy on the Street' host Billy Eichner to not only invent said Meryl-Go-Round, but to blaze a trail that would lead right to this pot of gold in the tradition of the "Julia Rob-stacle Course."

The Meryl-Go-Round triathlon is a tribute to Meryl Streep in which contestants -- dressed as various Meryl Streep movie characters, of course -- test their knowledge of the Oscar-winning actress while juggling costumes, acting award "batons," a lot of running (weirdly enough), and various Meryl Streep-themed challenges. How badly do you want to get on that Meryl-Go-Round?

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