There's no subject more ripe for cinema than the sex lives of old people. Who doesn't want to talk about older couples bumping uglies? That's why 'Hope Springs' pairs Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep together for a big summer release. The film is about an older couple who've unintentionally lapsed into celibacy and are looking to reheat their sex life. It comes out August 10, and now we have a trailer.

Who hasn't wanted to see Meryl Streep contemplating fellating a banana? That's comedy gold. Steve Carell is also in the film as a therapist, and he's there to make sure the two finally get their groove back. The trailer sets up some erectile dysfunction gags, though that may have been a taboo too far for this trailer, which also includes threesome jokes.

The good news is that it reunites Streep with director David Frankel, and he got a fine comic performance out of Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada.' Frankel needs a hit after last year's 'The Big Year' - the Owen Wilson/Jack Black/ Steve Martin Comedy was one of the year's biggest flops (to be fair, 20th Century Fox buried the film). This is the sort of film that younger people hate having conversations with their parents about.