If you’re trying to dip your toe into the lush, varied world of Korean cinema, why not try starting with Kim Jee-woon? The filmmaker’s skilled at working within genre traditions readily recognizable to Western audiences: he pulled out all the stops for mind-bending horror nightmare A Tale of Two Sisters, got his hooks in the serial killer thriller with I Saw the Devil, and he planted his flag on the gangster picture with A Bittersweet Life. That last picture has landed back in the news today, and if a ten-year-old Korean movie is making headlines in 2017, that can mean only one thing: It’s time for an American remake, baby.

Deadline reports that A Bittersweet Life will soon get an English-language rework courtesy of Fox, and that they’re wrangled a promising pair to start off the creative team. Michael B. Jordan will take the lead role (originally portrayed by Lee Byung-hun, whom Western audiences may remember from last year‘s The Magnificent Seven remake), a fiercely loyal criminal whose mentor instructs him to murder his beloved mistress as a test of his allegiance. For those of you preparing a lengthy blog post on Asian erasure, take some solace in the knowledge that this picture will be directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, former Kung Fu Panda 2 helmer and a proud Korean-American presence in showbiz.

American remakes of Asian hits that aren’t The Departed or The Ring tend to go awry, but there’s plenty of cause for optimism here. Jordan’s always a welcome presence onscreen, Nelson has long since earned her bump up to the big league, and the Deadline item’s mention of a “high-concept, character-driven” approach suggests it’ll retain the original’s concern with tortured psychological interiority over all else.

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