If you read that headline and thought, “wait, didn’t they already remake The Thomas Crown Affair back in 1999?” — don’t worry, your brain isn’t giving in to old age just yet. MGM is developing another remake of the 1968 classic, this time with Michael B. Jordan in the leading role, and this is where we begin crossing our fingers for a Creed reunion with Tessa Thompson.

Via The Wrap, Jordan has signed on to star in MGM’s upcoming remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, though the project is currently searching for a writer and director, so it may still be quite a while before this one makes it to the big screen. Jordan most recently wowed audiences in Creed, re-teaming with his Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler for the Rocky legacyquel.

The original 1968 film was directed by Norman Jewison and starred Steve McQueen as a handsome bank executive who pulls off a multi-million dollar heist, but finds himself pursued by an insurance investigator played by Faye Dunaway — needless to say, the two really hit it off. A remake of The Thomas Crown Affair hit theaters in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the leading roles, and the film performed quite well at the box office.

Meanwhile, a Creed sequel is in the works, but with Coogler attached to Marvel’s Black Panther and Sylvester Stallone throwing out wacky ideas, it’s unclear when or if that film will head into production. Jordan was also recently in talks for Blood Brothers, a vampire buddy-comedy action flick based on a graphic novel, and Just Mercy, a new drama from Short Term 12 director Destin Cretton.