Michael Fassbender is about to grace our silver screens once again in Alien: Covenant, playing an android named Walter, a synthetic engineered to assist spacefaring humans on their long journeys to distant planets. He’s established himself as a great dramatic/genre actor, even becoming a cornerstone of the X-Men franchise. But there’s one kind of movie he has yet to dip a toe into, though he’d very much like to. Yes, folks, Michael Fassbender wants to get into comedy.

Fassbender told the Irish Sun that he enjoyed what humor he could bring to his Walter role in Alien: Covenant, and he’s been toying with the idea of doing it more.

I try and sort of bring [my playful side] in wherever I can. Like [Walter] as well, there are some fun moments there. It’s something that I have to do more of.

In fact, he’s even talked about it with one of his co-stars in Steve Jobs, Seth Rogen:

I spoke to Seth Rogen about it. We’d met before, I was a fan of his work. I think I threw a blueberry at him actually, it was at one of these dinners and he was at the table across the way and so that was our introduction and then I got talking to him. So, when we were on Steve Jobs he said, ‘I thought we’d work together at some point but I thought it would be in one of my movies.’ So yeah, maybe at some point.

One of my favorite things to watch is accomplished comic actors trying out dramatic roles, and vice versa. Fassbender is a great actor, and even his robots have especially great comedic timing. Now that he and Rogen are buddies, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before Fassbender shows up in Neighbors 3.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19.

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