By now we all know that composer Michael Giacchino is doing pretty darn well for himself. He took over Rogue One scoring duties from Alexandre Desplat after writing the music for this year’s Doctor Strange, Star Trek Beyond, and Zootopia, and it’s been announced that he’ll also provide the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, and The Incredibles 2. Now, a small throwaway line from a recent interview tells us that, yes, he’ll be returning to Isla Nublar to score Jurassic World 2.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Giacchino about what it was like to score the new Star Wars movie, and on such a tight schedule too. At the beginning of the interview it lists all the upcoming franchises the composer will be a part of, and the Jurassic World sequel is right there in the middle. Giacchino’s score for 2015’s Jurassic World was a highlight of the movie, and it’s clear that he did his John Williams research. His ability to mimic another composer’s tone is probably one of the key reasons he was hired on to Rogue One, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take the opportunity to provide his own flair. And his punny track titles are always a treat — “Indominus Wrecks,” anyone?

Hopefully he’ll have more than four weeks to complete this score, especially with all these other franchises on his plate. And it’s also exciting that he’ll be back for The Incredibles sequel, the first of which wouldn’t have been what it was without Giacchino’s nimble, Bond- and Mission: Impossible-influenced soundtrack. We don’t know much about the plot yet, but hopefully the Jurassic World sequel will provide him plenty of fun chase scenes and moments of terror that he can sink his teeth into.

Jurassic World 2 hits theaters June 22, 2018.