Michael McKean was rushed to the hospital last night after being hit by a car while walking through Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

The actor’s manager, Harriet Sternberg, confirmed to DNAInfo.com that McKean was one of three people rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital following the accident. His leg is broken, but McKean’s reps say, “He’ll be fine, hopefully.”

The car hit McKean at the corner of Broadway and West 86th Street. The 64-year-old star of ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and various Christopher Guest movies, currently is starring on Broadway in Gore Vidal’s ‘The Best Man.’ The accident obviously kept him out of Tuesday evening’s performances, and Sternberg says McKean will fight to get back on the stage as soon as possible.

"[Tuesday] will be the first time in the entire history of his very long career that he’s ever missed a show," she said. "I know he was really proud that [record]."

As for the corner where McKean was clipped, Manny Reyes, a doorman at a nearby apartment building, told the site, "That’s a horrible corner, a very dangerous corner. Believe me, this happens every week."

Every week?! Haven’t New Yorkers heard of a stop sign? A red light? Brakes?!