When you're the director of an Oscar-winning picture such as 'The Artist,' of course you'd have the opportunity to direct any other movie to your heart's content, but director Michel Hazanavicius has yet to select what film he wants to make next (or when he'll make it). Paramount Pictures may have what he wants in their latest project 'Will.'

Although the folks at Deadline didn't reveal much on the story of 'Will,' the super sleuths at IndieWire know what the film is about. The script was written by Demetri Martin and centers on several people living in a world that has no free-will and everything in their lives is decided thanks to a number of "angelic scribes." Suddenly things change when our lead character turns 34 and finds out that he has the ability of free will. It was supposed to be helmed by 'Little Miss Sunshine' directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton but that eventually fell through.

Now that the picture is up for grabs, it looks like Mr. Hazanavicius will be getting it. It sounds like a pretty cool, lighthearted movie that Hazanavicius can easily tackle. However, he still is committed to directing a remake of 'The Search.' He was first said to be attached to the picture at the start of the year but we haven't heard much progress on it. Maybe the creative wheels will begin churning soon.