One of the busiest actors at the moment is Mickey Rourke, and he's proving why today as he signs up for not only one but two new movies. Needless to say, he's going to be busy for the next couple of years.

Right now a lot of us 'Sin City' fans are thinking awesome, we've got our Marv back for another movie. We're just steps closer for the much talked about sequel 'Sin City 2,' and it won't be the same without Mickey Rourke. He easily was one of the best parts of the original and to see that he's coming back for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's second installment, reprising his role as Marv, makes us giddy with excitement.

The second picture Mickey Rourke is sinking his teeth into is Dark Castle Entertainment's 'Motor City,' reports Deadline. The movie is about a man who's been double crossed and seeks revenge on the man who not only put him in jail but took his woman. He joins the cast that includes Gerard Butler, Amber Heard and Gary Oldman. It sounds like a cool movie for Rourke to be a part of, but we're curious to see what his role is.