Yes, we love Jennifer Lawrence, but we can't forget about our first love, Mila Kunis. While J-Law was busy giving the middle finger at the 2013 Oscars and having an awkward encounter with Jack Nicholson and just being all-around awesome, Kunis gave one of the most entertaining and hysterical interviews we've ever seen while she was promoting her upcoming flick 'Oz, The Great and Powerful.'

As a newbie journalist, interviewing a big-name celebrity like Mila Kunis -- who's also one of the hottest women in Hollywood, bless her heart -- can be a bit intimidating. But add the fact that it's an on-camera interview, and some would crack under pressure. This guy from BBC's Radio 1 thought he was gonna crash and burn when he found himself in this same situation, but Mila Kunis, being the just plain awesome woman that she is, was so hilariously accommodating.

She proved she can really hang with the boys -- or in this case, the lads. The talk didn't even focus on 'Oz, The Great and Powerful,' really, instead it lingered on talk of beer, "dropping trou" and accepting an invite to go to a soccer (excuse us, "football") game with this British native because "apparently she says yes to everything." Good news for us!

Watch Mila Kunis' full interview with the on-camera newbie from BBC Radio 1 below. Trust us, it's worth the full 6:58.