You guys do know that George R.R. Martin has books that aren’t a part of the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series that serves as the basis for ‘Game of Thrones,’ right? Thanks to your devotion to HBO and Martin’s hit series, there’s another project in the works based on one of Martin’s books, but this time it’s a collection of short fantasy stories which are being adapted as ‘In the Lost Lands,’ starring Milla Jovovich.

THR reports on the new film, which will be a co-production between Germany and Canada, and will begin shooting this year. ‘Shameless’ star Justin Chatwin will co-star with Jovovich in ‘In the Lost Lands,’ which will be directed by Constantin Werner and is based on three short stories by Martin. Here’s how the trade describes the three stories:

In one thread, the desperate queen of a city built into a towering mountain hires the sorceress Gray Alys (Jovovich) to travel into the ghostly wasteland called the Lost Lands, to obtain the gift of shape shifting into a werewolf, but she doesn’t realize that the fulfillment of her wish will come at a terrible price.

Meanwhile, warrior girl Sharra must fight a dragon that serves as the gatekeeper of seven worlds to reunite with her lost lover Kaydar. During this quest she meets the mysterious lord of a deserted castle, Laren Dorr, who seduces her so completely that she forgets her quest and stays with him, unaware that he is the real gatekeeper.

And in the futuristic tale Bitterblooms, a young barbarian girl gets spellbound by a lonely witch in a spacecraft, who shows her beauty and love, which turns out to be a net of lies and deceit.

First of all, we need to address the fact that this film includes a space witch, which just sounds absolutely outstanding/bonkers. Second of all, Jovovich plays a sorceress named Gray Alys, continuing Martin’s talent of creating fantastic names. The project definitely sounds like it’s similar in tone to ‘Game of Thrones,’ and presumably the filmmakers are really banking on all you Westeros fans to be similarly drawn to ‘In the Lost Lands.’

The film begins production later this year, so hopefully we’ll meet this crazy space witch sometime in 2016.