The cover story of the new issue of Fortune is about Disney CEO Bob Iger and his “Empire of Tech.” Inside, the article also includes the following image, the latest glimpse of the Millennium Falcon, which will make its return to the big-screen with next year’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Get out of the way Bob, you’re blocking our view!

Fortune Falcon

As it turns out, there’s special effects at work even in this simple-looking publicity shot. In fact, Iger did not travel to Pinewood Studios to pose with the “real” Millennium Falcon. He was photographed separately, and then the wizards at Industrial Light & Magic merged Iger with an image of the Falcon. Empire of tech, indeed.

Did you spot Harrison Ford buried beneath one of the Falcon’s landing pads? No? Look again! Okay, I was just kidding. He’s not there. At least not until you Photoshop him in and send it to me. Please do this. Now.