Either this trailer for Miss You Already isn’t very good, or this movie is a bit worrisome. With Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette playing best pals in a drama about friendship, life, love and death (with bonus co-stars Dominic Cooper and Paddy Considine), what could be bad about it? If we take one message from this trailer it’s that we should retain our optimism when things don’t seem so great.

In the film, Barrymore and Collette play Jess and Milly, respectively, two lifelong best friends (BFFs 4 Ever, as the kids say) who do and share everything together even though they’re a little different — Milly is the wild one who somehow ends up with a normal family life, while Jess is obsessed with having a family and struggles to get pregnant. When Milly is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jess summons all of her strength and kindness (and selflessness) to support her ailing friend.

That sounds like a rather pleasant, tear-jerking experience, but not pleasant enough for Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Weisz — both actresses were attached to the role of Jess at various points before the part ultimately went to Barrymore.

Regardless, Miss You Already was directed by Catherine Hardwicke and hits U.K. theaters on September 25, with a US release date to follow.