Christopher McQuarrie clearly has a friend in Tom Cruise. The screenwriter/director has already collaborated with Cruise on several films, including the upcoming 'Jack Reacher' and now it looks like he's going to nab the awesome job of directing 'Mission: Impossible 5'. has it that McQuarrie is "poised" to sit in the director's chair for 'Mission: Impossible 5', which is not a 100% confirmation but it certainly would make sense. Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the 'Mission' films, is reportedly very pleased with McQuarrie's work on 'Jack Reacher', which hits theaters in December and could be the studio's next big franchise. Perhaps more importantly, McQuarrie is evidently "the guy Cruise and JJ Abrams want" for the job - and isn't that all that matters?

Since winning the Best Original Screenplay Academy Award in 1996 for 'The Usual Suspects', McQuarrie has worked on films like 'The Way of the Gun' (which he also directed), 'The Tourist' and Bryan Singer's upcoming 'Jack the Giant Slayer'. His connection with Cruise began with 2008's 'Valkyrie' and has continued with the in-production 'All You Need is Kill' and the proposed 'Top Gun' sequel. He also contributed to 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol', which grossed over $700 million worldwide, hence another one is needed, stat!

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