Things are definitely going to start getting weird once NBC's 'The Munsters' update 'Mockingbird Lane' begins shooting on locations, contrasting the (presumably) garish characters with more casual setting.  One thing's for sure now, at least we know that other people do exist in the Bryan Singer / Bryan Fuller helmed reboot, now that a familiar 'Glee' and '30 Rock' star has been cast, alongside a Fuller staple.

TVLine reports that 'The Munsters' reboot "Mockingbird Lane' has finally added a few normal characters into its mix, independent of the iconic original five roles.  Former '30 Rock' and 'Glee' star Cheyenne Jackson, and veteran of Bryan Fuller's other series Beth Grant will make appearances in the show's pilot.

Jackson will portray young Eddie Munster (Mason Cook)'s Scout Master Steve, a widower who has an unrequited affection for Lily Munster (Portia de Rossi), while Grant will play the ghoulish family's suspicious, wheelchair bound neighbor Maryanne.  Grant previously starred in executive producer Bryan Fuller's efforts 'Wonderfalls' and 'Pushing Daisies.'

Written by  Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer, ‘Mockingbird Lane’ updates and re-invents the ’60s sitcom, showcasing a family of vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures, as well as their “plain” cousin Marilyn (Charity Wakefield).  Rather than a traditional sitcom as in the original iteration, the series will feature striking visuals in the vein of Fuller’s past work on ‘Daisies.’  In addition to Portia de Rossi as Lily and Jerry O’Connell as HermanMason Cook will play the role of young werewolf boy Eddie, while UK comedian Eddie Izzard will play Grandpa Munster.

What say you?  Is ‘Mockingbird Lane’ shaping up to be scarily good fun, or another high-concept dud?  Tell us if you’ll watch in the comments!