If you thought the idea of rebooting 'The Munsters' for modern times was stupid, you're in luck. NBC looks to be pulling the plug on 'Mockingbird Lane,' which was mostly cast and which played a four minute sizzle reel at Comic Con 2012.

Had things gone according to plan, the show would have either premiered or would be about to launch right now, but from what The Hollywood Reporter is saying, the project stalled because of some casting issues. They also mention that the show was originally conceived to follow the young werewolf boy character Eddie (originally played by Butch Patrick), only for the show to redirect and become the story of Herman Munster (originally played by Fred Gwynne, here to be played by Jerry O'Connell), which makes it sound like more than casting issues.

It's being reported that the show is "all but dead," which means that there's maybe a faint glimmer of hope the show could emerge at a later date, but that seems very unlikely. Though it sounds like the show had problems figuring out its identity, the failure of this summer's 'Dark Shadows' likely didn't help, as it has a similar plot about a family that is surrounded by the supernatural.

Update: Creator Bryan Fuller went to twitter to say that the story is "dead wrong." We'll keep you posted.

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