While we'll at least get to see what NBC and Bryan Fuller came up with in re-imagining 'The Munsters' as 'Mockingbird Lane' when the network airs the pilot as a Halloween special this Friday, there's a tinge of disappointment that the show mostly likely won't go to series.  Even though the concept sounded a bit lame at first, the first images and footage of show provided an intriguing, more stylized take on the classic characters, so what about the latest clip updates 'The Munsters' in a clever way?

While NBC's 'Mockingbird Lane' would never change the classic 'Munsters' lineup of including vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein-monsters, it certainly doesn't have to portray them in such a cliched manner.  For that reason we lament the fact that NBC intends to burn off the series by airing its pilot on October 26, as perfectly evidenced by the clip below.

The latest look at 'Mockingbird Lane' serves as the introduction to Jerry O'Connell's Herman Munster, in a manner that cleverly toys with the character's more obvious past incarnation as a "Frankenstein's Monster."  Sure, the modern version still has some nasty scars, but who needs the done-to-death neck bolts and over-sized cranium?

The clip also plays with what likely could have been a premise to explore going forward, that of the secrets lying within the Munsters' new home at 'Mockingbird Lane.'  Check out the clip below, and tell us if you'll tune in for the pilot in the comments!