It's one of those things that doesn't feel real until you've actually seen footage. After all, there's no way to know for sure that NBC spent $10 million on a pilot/Halloween special remake of 'The Munsters' until you've seen actual evidence with your own two eyes. Alas, the first teaser for 'Mockingbird Lane' has arrived proving that yes, someone thought remaking the 'The Munsters' was a good idea and worth a lot of money.

To be fair, you can certainly see where all of that money went. Simply in terms of production value, 'Mockingbird Lane' looks terrific -- that's what $10 million and the direction of Bryan Singer will get you. Still, this show has one major hurdle to get over if it wants to connect with audiences and get picked up for a full season: it's still a remake of 'The Munsters.'

Can it overcome its direct association with one of the worst "classic" TV shows of all time (and if you disagree, try watching it as a full grown adult)? The sense of humor on display in this teaser is certainly darker and odder than the original in every way possible and its supernatural characters (particularly Eddie Izzard's Grandpa) look like they'll be genuine threats to their neighborhood, a big step away from the "lovable" monsters of old. Could writer/producer Bryan Fuller, the man behind the cult favorite 'Pushing Daisies,' actually do the impossible and make a good 'Munsters' remake? We'll wait until the October 26th premiere before we cast full judgment.