It's been a big couple of days for NBC's upcoming 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane.'  First, we learned that former 'Sliders' star Jerry O'Connell would take the part of Munster clan patriarch Herman Munster, and late last night we learned that 'Arrested Development' star Portia de Rossi landed the role of his wife Lily, having acquired it from 'True Blood' star Mariana Klaveno.  Now, we've scared up our first look at the stars on the set...

Set to debut sometime around NBC's mid-season, today cameras officially started rolling on the Bryan Fuller / Bryan Singer-helmed reboot of the classic 'Munsters' sitcom, entitled 'Mockingbird Lane.'  So who's first to show their scary face?  None other than...Marilyn Munster!  You know, the normal one.

Played by actress Charity Wakefield, "plain" cousin" Marilyn Munster looks about as you'd expect her to, in the below photo first revealed by series show-runner Bryan Fuller.  Apart from Wakefield, also on display is the dark, gothic look of the family mansion as a sharp contrast to the blonde vixen.

Written by ‘Pushing Daisies’ creator Bryan Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer, ‘Mockingbird Lane’ updates and re-invents the ’60s sitcom, showcasing a family of vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures, as well as their “plain” cousin.  Rather than a traditional sitcom as in the original iteration, the series will feature striking visuals in the vein of Fuller’s past work on ‘Daisies.’  In addition to Rossi, Wakefield and O’Connell,  Mason Cook will play the role of young werewolf boy Eddie, while UK comedian Eddie Izzard will play Grandpa Munster.

Check out the below photo, and tell us what you think about the new reboot so far in the comments!