On this week's 'Modern Family,' Gloria's mother and sister come to visit the new baby, and they've brought a whole bunch of baggage and a wacky idea about what the new baby should be named.

Gloria's mom and sister come to town for the new baby's christening, and her mom butts heads with Jay over the baby's name, which she thinks should be Fulgencio Umberto (F.U. -- get it?), a name that's been in her family for a couple of generations. But Jay isn't having it, and the next thing you know Gloria's mom is waving a gun around and showing how she gets her way. Like Gloria, her mother can be passive-aggressive and sort of threatening, but her mother is the master. As Claire points out, the hilarity of the situation is that Jay has become just like Phil, with an in-law he's constantly trying and failing to please -- no matter what he does, how generous he is, or how game he may be to do whatever the woman asks of him, she's not having it.

So Jay resolves that if he's going to be Phil, he should do what Phil would do, which involves admitting that he only met Gloria when she inadvertently accepted the drink he meant to send over to her sister at a bar. It's a perceived gaffe, but it allows Gloria and Sonia to finally stand up to their mother and give Sonia the life she felt was stolen from her. In a show of compromise, Jay and Gloria name the baby Fulgencio Joseph.

Meanwhile, Claire is out for the day preparing for the christening, and when the kids have problems that need mom's solving abilities, they're out of luck. Phil gives solid advice -- confront the people with whom they're having issues and appeal to their sense of humanity. But the kids would rather have Claire solve their problems for them because she always takes the hard line approach. Phil tries to kill his kids' problems with kindness, but it backfires, and he learns that sometimes you have to be a little more direct to get what you want. What Phil perceives as Claire's demanding attitude perhaps isn't so bad after all; maybe it's just that she has standards and simply works to have them met, and sometimes that attitude can be perceived as negative. It really illustrates the way that one person in a relationship can often make up for what the other lacks, and speaks to how we choose mates who have qualities we admire or envy. Maybe Phil doesn't dislike Claire's approach to problem-solving -- maybe he just wishes he could do the same.

In the end, Phil gets up the nerve to drive by and shoot the balloons that were blocking his real estate sign, and, inspired by his role as the new baby's godfather, inspires his kids to take up revenge on their aggressors. And yes, there's a nod to 'The Godfather's infamous horse head scene.

Cam and Mitch are trying to get Lily to stop being so snarky, but when they're mean to their friend Crispin to make a point, they are uninvited to his amazing party, leaving the two bickering over who is more to blame. It's really the lesser of the stories this week, though Lily's delivery of lines like "Does somebody need a wah-mbulance?" is hilariously adorable.