Oh thank goodness, the millionaire TV stars are getting back to work and swimming in Emmy nominations.  Though there are still plenty of details to be hashed out in the ongoing 'Modern Family' contract negotiations, at least both sides have agreed to a temporary truce that will see a resumption in production for the show's fourth season.  But, will it last?

According to Deadline, the 'Modern Family' cast and 20th Century Fox TV have cooled their jets long enough to re-schedule the season 4 table read that had to be abruptly cancelled the other day.  The new reading will take place tomorrow at 10:30 a.m PST, regardless of whether negotiations have been completely settled.

As we previously reported, the 'The Modern Family' cast's first season 4 table reading went awry the other day, as five of the six adult leads opted not to show and instead filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox TV to be released from their contract.  The cast had previously been negotiating pay raises for most of the summer, though sources say Ed O'Neill still showed up to the previous reading.

There has been no progress on bringing those negotiations, last stalled at around $150,000 per episode for Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill, though attending the table read is seen as a gesture of good faith on behalf of the cast.  It's thought to be unlikely that these negotiations will at all affect production, or the show's scheduled premiere this fall.

What say you? Do you think the cast of ‘Modern Family’ deserves their raise for season 4?  Will production at all be impacted, with the cast duking it out with the studio in court?   Sound off in the comments below!