Two more new skins featuring alternate versions of the Dark Knight were revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins during San Diego Comic Con.

If you thought the closet of wardrobe options for Batman had been depleted in the first two Arkham games, you haven't seen anything yet. While there were plenty of cool costumes to unlock in the earlier games, WB Montreal is still scouring Batman's history to find unique new outfits to unlock in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Two more were announced during a panel at SDCC this week, with Batman One Million and Worst Nightmare Batman getting added to the growing list. According to Polygon, WB Montreal didn't talk about how to unlock the One Million outfit, but did share details on how the Worst Nightmare could be obtained. Players will literally have to earn every single achievement in-game before Worst Nightmare Batman is playable.

Additionally, the panelists talked about how Robin wouldn't be in the game as it's too early in Batman's career for the Boy Wonder, but there might be some insight into how Batgirl fits into the Arkham universe in Origins. In Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Barbara Gordon is already Oracle, so there's definitely a lot of ground to cover between this prequel and the original two titles in regards to Batgirl.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due out Oct. 25, so we've only a few more months to wait until we can step back into the various capes and cowls we can unlock.