The most recent add-on for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, won't be the last according to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford.

Last year, Gearbox released a season pass for DLC alongside Borderlands 2. The promise was you'd get four add-ons for the price of three. The fourth batch of content just released last month, and many believed Gearbox would cease producing new DLC for Borderlands 2. On the contrary, there's still more to come.

"We did a season pass for Borderlands 2, and the season pass was like, 'Hey if you buy the season pass, we would be doing four campaign add-ons and you can buy all four of them for the price of three, if you buy upfront.' So everyone was under the expectations that those would be the four DLC’s and that’s it," Pitchford said on the Nerdist podcast (transcribed by MP1st).

"We are going to do more; we are going to do some other things. I don’t have details exactly of it yet 'cause were not ready to announce what the other things are... We got more stuff in the hopper that we’re planning  and getting pretty excited about. So if you're a Borderlands 2 fan you don’t have to be afraid that that’s the end of it."

Whatever new content the developer is planning wouldn't be covered under the season pass, which is a shame, but also completely understandable. There's no telling when we'll learn more about what the new DLC will be, but the rapid Borderlands fanbase is sure to be happy there's more coming.